Issues facing organizers of ICOs

  • Building a proper marketing plan for the fast-paced crypto industry.

  • Building an experienced advisory board who can meet the needs of the team.

  • Trust issues relating to so-called professionals with little or no proof of past success.

  • Avoiding and dealing with fraudulent offers to provide services which are never delivered.

  • Contacting ICO tracking sites, cryptocurrency websites and news outlets.

  • Paying significant amounts of money to add “popular faces” to an advisory board, who then add little value to the project.

  • Navigating the complex regulatory climate of the cryptocurrency industry.

  • How to stand out facing the competition of hundreds of ICOs running at the same time.

C3 addresses these issues, ensuring our clients are comfortable throughout the entire ICO process. Clients are encourage to ask questions, speak their minds, and contact us at any time of the day.

The C3 Team

Jason Coles


C3 are a team of professional consultants who provide valuable services required to launch a successful ICO. Founded by Jason Coles & Liborio Barone, C3’s mission statement since day one has been “To provide not only the highest quality service, but also timely service; striving for near 24/7 availability”. Given our passion for blockchain technology, we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading services in almost all areas required for a successful ICO; from ICO Marketing, to White Papers, to website content, bounty campaign and airdrop management, community and social media management, and more!

Having served on the advisory board for over 150 cryptocurrency projects, C3 have a longstanding history of successful ICO and project launches. Our team and network assist clients through all stages of their process, addressing any concerns or issues they may face.

Liborio Barone


PB Stanton

Cryptocurrency Lawyer

Michael Petch

Community and Marketing Specialist

Derek Heck

Creative Director

Ernest Chuang

Growth and Marketing Specialist

Our Services

C3 have helped cryptocurrency projects raise over $150,000,000!


Having served on several advisory boards, we offer industry-leading advisory services. We are available virtually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, or Phone Call, ensuring that our clients can always feel at ease if they have ANY questions relating to their cryptocurrency offering.

Bounty & Air Drop

C3 have been managing airdrops and bounty campaigns since the inception of ICOs. We fully organize, plan, launch and manage your airdrop according to your specifications, guaranteeing over 3,000 participants.

Institutional Investment Funding

C3 have access to a very large network of institutional investors, just waiting for cryptocurrency offerings which spark their interest. We connect you and guide you through the process of gaining access to these potential investors.

PR & Community Management

Have a Discord or Telegram channel that needs active moderators or management services? We can provide a team of experienced managers who know how to welcome, guide, and engage an active community in your project’s channel.

Ambassador Services

If you need help getting your social medias an active following and top-quality content, C3 provides services for social media management and assistance, depending on the needs of the client.

Additional Services

• Specialized Marketing Services • White Paper Creation • White Paper Revision • Website Creation & Content And Much More…

Our Clients

Our projects have raised over $150 Million dollars























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